Donnerstag, September 11 2008

Ipod Touch on Ubuntu

Kopie eines Artikels, den ich früher mal geschrieben habe. Da es mittlerweile andere Firmwareversionen gibt, trifft manches vielleicht nicht mehr zu! In der angegebenen Firmwareversion 1.3 funktioniert allerdings alles einwandfrei! UPDATE 17.09.08: Wie ich gelesen habe funktioniert das syncen ab Firmware Version sowieso nicht mehr unter Ubuntu, daher sollte der Artikel auch seine Gültigkeit behalten ;) Because I had various problems getting my iPod Touch to work correctly with my Ubuntu PC, I decided to share all information I gathered with you folks. Here we go: What do I need to get my iPod Touch working with Linux? At first you will have to jailbreak you iPod. Use google for more information on that, there are tons of good howtos on the net, for example:
1. Issues with Firmware 1.1.3 Until you do the following you wont be able to sync you iPod with a Linux PC if you are using firmware 1.1.3. Because some directories have changed and so on... To be able to sync 1.1.3 iPod with Amarok for example follow these steps. At first
Copy a song to the iPod using iTunes with Mac or PC
Now open an FTP-connection to your iPod by typing in Dolphin i.e. or any other program of your choice:
If you have configured passwordless access you should be logged in, if not enter "root" as username and "alpine" as your password. Locate
and copy the file to
Now DELETE the complete folder
on the iPod. If you are done close the FTP connection. Connect to your iPod via SSH in the Terminal by typing:
ssh root@<YourDeviceIP>
Create a symbolic link on the iPod by entering
ln -s /var/root/Media /var/mobile/Media
Now disconnect, reboot your iPod and you should be able to sync again. 2. Passwordless Access to your Ipod At first create a new RSA key pair by typing
ssh-keygen -t rsa
Leave the path untouched and DO NOT entern a password. Simply press ENTER. After that a private and a public RSA Key will be found in ~/.ssh Now copy the public key to your ipod device by using the following command:
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ root@<device ip>
Log into the iPod from a terminal by typing
ssh root@<device ip>
You will be still asked for a password. Thats ok! Now we have to edit the sshd_config file on the ipod using the pico editor. But before we do this first set the right permissions to the ssh folder. Otherwise the ssh-deamon will refuse to read the keyfile. Set the following:
chmod 0755 ~ ~/.ssh
chmod 0644 ~/.ssh/*
Now we must change the authentication settings by editing the sshd_config. Open it with
pico /etc/sshd_config
Note: This file is NOT empty! Scroll down until you find #RSAAuthentication. Change the 3 lines to:
RSAAuthentication yes
PubkeyAuthentication yes
AuthorizedKeysFile	%h/.ssh/authorized_keys
Save the file pressing CTRL+O and then exit the editor using CTRL+X. Then type
and we are done! When the ipod is up again try to login via ssh like above. This should work without entering a password now.